What is Safe for Your Savannah?

There is wide speculation on what is and what is not safe for your Savannah. When I purchased my Savannahs, it was on my paperwork to not use Ketamine at the vet for anesthetic procedures.  I did remind the vet of this before my F3 C Male was neutered.  I would always suggest to air on the side of caution and remember that Savannahs are a sensitive hybrid in many different areas.  Your paperwork will include what is safe and what is not safe for your Savannah, which you can provide to your Veterinarian.

One of those areas is diet.  Some breeders state Savannahs have no special dietary needs and some state a very specific diet.  Getting my Savannahs on the proper diet was the biggest challenge for me.  Changing the type of food they are use to eating can be very costly and messy. On my long road to the proper diet for this hybrid cat, I now recommend a raw diet. When I say raw, I mean raw ground organic chicken, turkey or other meats such as rabbit or duck. I have gone on to own my own meat grinder. If you do not want to purchase a meat grinder of your own, you can always have your local butcher prepare & grind the kind of meat you would like for your cat. They will grind the bone & most likely the gizzards and freeze it for you until you schedule to pick it up. I now also use Hills Science diet cat food mixed with Earthborn Holistic cat food. I have found a balance in using the 2 different cat foods. Earthborn Holistic provides the High Protein, where Hills supplies the fiber that is needed to balance out their diet. The use of both has lead my cats to great success in eating habits, litter box habits, and skin & coat condition. My kittens do eat Hills Science diet for kittens dry food, along with the kitten wet food. I do mix in the raw, so they get used to eating raw as they grow.  A pinch of Purina FortiFlora is added to each wet/raw food meal. I feed my adult cats twice a day & my kittens 3 times a day. I do regular how much they eat each time. Some breeders suggest to have the kittens eat as much as possible, but I have experienced they just get really big bellies and poop a lot! I do suggest to find the right amount for your kitten and if they are still hungry to add a 4th meal to the day. Dry food is to be left out at all times for a Savannah cat, so they can graze on it when they want to. You will create a very demanding Savannah if you don't leave the dry food out for them and wonder why they are banging down your door in the mornings to be fed.

Shipping and Ownership in Other States and Countries

Please check with your state or Country to make sure Savannahs are legal. I now offer to fly your kitten to you for the cost of tavel + $200 service fee, or you can pick up your kitten and fly home with them under your own plane seat.